The ARS-USB is designed around one of the most powerful and versatile microprocessors PIC18 family. Their Flash technology allows you to reprogram without hardware changes.

This microprocessor incorporates in its core a USB port as specified USB rev 2.0. which it is detected by the computer as a serial/COM port, plus 10-bit ADCs.?10 bits means you can get 2 ^ 10 = 1024 different states of an analog signal, applied to a rotator?with 360? rotation, provides?the following resolution:

Resolution (max) = 360 / 1024 = 0,35?

That is, the ARS-USB connected to a motor and properly calibrated for 360? rotation, it can get?the motor position each 0,35?.

As the ADC operating in the range of 0-5V and rotators typically provide different ranges, the ARS-USB includes a conditioner electronic using Op IC and a simple adjustment via a trimmer which allows to adjust the ranges of any antenna rotor to the ADC input. It also includes a filter to prevent and reject any signal that might be induced.

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