ARS-USB Rotor Controller

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The ARS-USB (Antenna Rotator System) is the easiest and highest performance?Universal Interface for handling your Antenna Rotor. You?ll be able to?control your Antenna Rotor from your computer. Connecting the ARS-USB to your PC via a USB Port and later to your Rotator is easy. Within a few minutes, you will be able to point your antennas from your computer automatically.

There are 2 models available:

  • Azimuth (1 motor)
  • Azimuth & Elevation (2 motors)

So order?the model?according to your preferences.


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The ARS-USB is detected at the computer as a Serial/COM port, so any program (Satellite Tracking, Logging program, etc.) will be able to control it via this COM Port.? Moreover it emulates a Yaesu GS232A interface; this fact has the advantage that any program that supports a GS232A will support directly the ARS-USB.

A program to guide during the setup and calibration is included: ARSVCOM?(ARSconf). Also it allows to control the rotor with a graphical and friendly user interface. It?s a nice option when you want to control the antenna via the mouse and without any additional program.

ARS-USB as a Control Box:
The ARS-USB can be used as a Stand-Alone unit and does NOT require a computer. It can be used as a replacement for your original rotator. You will need to add only a 24V for the rotator plus 12-14VDC for the ARS-USB. Some AC rotors will require a capacitor.
Also a tool for upgrade the firmware of the ARS-USB is included: RCI_Teleload. With this software, you will upload new releases of the ARS-USB firmware.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 10 cm

Azimuth, Azimuth & Elevation

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