The contest stations are incorporating new elements that allow them to be more competitive every day. One of these new elements has been the receiving antennas for the low bands (40-80-160m) or adding an?Inband station with?a far away antenna to avoid the interaction with the RUN station. For example, having several bevarage antennas (different directions as USA and Europe) allows you to hear signals that you would not otherwise be able to hear. Ideally, the same antenna can be used in several stations, which is also highly recommended to include band pass filters (BPF) to reject unwanted signals. As also in a multi-operator environment or SO2R you will have other equipment that are transmitting, it is essential to protect the equipment from an overvoltage that could damage the receivers.

All this is what the FrontEnd Limiter – FEL?offers you on the same circuit. The FEL is a PCB where you can connect up to 6 receiving antennas, supports 6 bandpass filters (10 to 160m) and also includes a limiter to prevent damage to your receiver.

Being a Kit, you can logically mount only the components you need or will use, for example if you only use 2 receiving antennas, you only need the relays to switch those antennas and if you only use it at 40-80-160 you only have to mount the bandpass filters of 40, 80 and 160m.


The FEL supports:

  • 6 x Receiving antenna inputs
  • 6 x Bandpass Filters (BPF)
  • 1 x Limiter Filter
6 antenna switch, limiter circuit and BPF for 10, 15 and 20m
BPF for 40, 80 and 160m
FEL Circuit Board
It's a PCB not a Kit

The FEL is a PCB board where you can assemble the components to build the equipment.

The components are not included although we do provide the complete documentation with your values in order to build the filters or the limiter.

The board has been designed with the collaboration of Imanol EC2DX and Jose Ramon EA7KW and has already been successfully tested both at the EC2DX station, one of the most competitive stations in Europe, and in the expedition in 2017 at 5U5R where EA7KW was a member.


You can download the Manual and the schematic from these links:

Prototype Unit used by 5U5R march/2017
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  • FrontEnd Limiter – FEL

    The FEL is a PCB board where you can assemble the components to build a 6x receiver antenna switch, 6x bandpass filters from 10 to 160m and a limiter to protect the receiver.
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