RemoteBox Manager Program

The RemoteBox Manager?(RBM) program allows you to control any RemoteBox unit from a computer.

RemoteBox Firmware

The firmware is the program code running inside the ARS-USB microprocesor.?This firmware?can be loaded, thanks the microprocessor includes a utility called ?bootloader?and allows reprogrammed.

Remember that you need to use the Teleloader program to update the firmware.


August 2016

March 2016


This is the driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7 ? 32/64 bits. This file is usefull for Windows to detect the device and recognize it as a CDC device attaching it to a serial port. The driver works on both S.O. 32 and 64 bits.

Note: Windows 10, Linux or Mac OS X does not require any driver (.INF file or similar) to detect the ARS-USB and associate a COM port.

Actual version of the signed driver.


The Teleloader is the utility that allows you to upload new binaries on your?equipment.

Note: You will need the Teleloader?V3 if you want to use Windows 10


Windows 10, Windows 7/8.1 y XP compatible.

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